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Band Saws




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Complete Band Saw Sharpening Services.

Our shop offers complete sharpening services for saws from 1" wide to 12" wide.  We sharpen and set spring set band saws for portable band mills and small re-saw machines.  In our shop we specialize in Thin kerf Stellite® band saw sharpening for both narrow band saws and wide band saws.  Of course we also sharpen and maintain traditional swaged tooth band saws.  We can service smooth back single cut band saws, sliver tooth single cut band saws, and also double cut band saws.

Stellite is a registered trademark of Deloro Stellite Inc.

Key Benefits

bulletVersatile sharpening services to meet your needs.
bulletStellite® provides for an extremely sharp edge that stays sharp longer.
bulletReliable service to keep your operations running.


Please phone or e-mail for pricing or information.



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