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Circular Saws




CNC Circular Saw Side Grinders.

We offer CNC circular saw sharpening for a complete variety of cutting applications.  We specialize in sharpening Carbide and Stellite® saws.  Carbide and Stellite® saws are side ground (side dressed), top ground and finally face ground for complete sharpness.  Once a saw has been side ground to produce the desired kerf for its application, subsequent sharpenings only require top grinding and face grinding to restore its  sharpness.  For grinding and sharpening Carbide tipped saws, we use state of the art fully computerized CNC Sharpeners along with very high quality Diamond grinding wheels.  To sharpen Stellite® tipped saws, CBN grinding wheels are used to produce an extremely sharp edge on the tips of the saw.  We sharpen saws from 2" in diameter to 72" in diameter.

We utilize the highest quality CNC saw grinders for grinding our customers saw blades.  The addition of our  Walter Woodtronic NC4 (4 axis CNC grinder) has given us many benefits in our shop.  It has given us the ability to sharpen saws consistently to the highest degree of accuracy, (accuracy of 0.01mm/0.0003").  It has increased our capacity for grinding, allowing us to maintain very quick turnaround times.  We are also now capable of grinding more complex tooth profiles such as the hollow face ground saws, by using the high frequency spindle that turns at 60,000rpm.  We are very pleased with this machine and its performance, saws that are sharpened on this machine are very sharp, in fact it changes the definition of sharp.  You don't need to just take our word for it, send us a saw to have sharpened and then you can see the difference for yourself.

When saws come into our shop they are catalogued and identified to a specific customer.  They are then cleaned in a fully automatic heated ultrasonic cleaning tank.  After cleaning they are inspected and repaired if necessary on the bench.  If the saws require tip repairs this is done next.  After all repairs have been done, the saw is then measured on a specialized measuring machine to record all of the saw geometries and parameters, once the saw data has been collected, it is then downloaded to the CNC grinder for automatic sharpening.  The final process after sharpening is an inspection to ensure that the saw blade has been completely sharpened and then each saw is checked out of the catalogue and returned to the customer.

When we work on saws with complex tooth geometries they are given an identification number so that the next time they are in for sharpening, the grinding machines will recall the saw blade and regrind it exactly to it's original specifications.

Our re-sharpening service is very thorough, fast and competitive.  For your sharpening needs, contact us and we will be glad to discuss them with you.  We ship saws all over the world for sharpening and repair, so give us a try and see how our quality makes our customers happy.

Stellite is a registered trademark of Deloro Stellite Inc.

Key Benefits

bulletPrecision CNC grinding equipment.   
bulletSaws go back to the customer very sharp.
bulletQuick turnaround.


Please phone or e-mail for pricing or information.



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