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Thin Kerf Band Saws
 2" Washington 1.5" - 2" Oregon Wood-Mizer




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Cobalt Alloy Tipped.  Thin Kerf Band Saw.

Thin Kerf Band Saws

Thin Kerf Band Saws are commonly used on portable band mills and on re-saws.  These types of blades are used for both log break down and for remanufacturing lumber into smaller or finished sizes. 

The use of these blades is becoming more and more common as the years go by.  Two factors in this are:  The first  being that the value of wood fiber is ever increasing, and so wood cutters must be more conscious of the amount of wood that is being cut into sawdust with every cut from a log, or board that is split.  (These Thin Kerf Band Saws produce far less sawdust than the traditional "larger" saws.)  The second factor being that these Thin Kerf Band Saws, produce a very high quality, very flat, very smooth finish.  (This helps to reduce both target sizes of the finished lumber and also in a lot of cases even eliminates the need for planing the lumber.) 

These saws give their users a competitive edge over their competitors by allowing them to produce and put more lumber in their lumber piles and less sawdust in their sawdust piles.  Thin Kerf Band Saws increase recovery, and that increases profitability.

Key Benefits

bulletThin Kerf.  (Reduces fiber loss in wasted sawdust.  Get more lumber out of your logs.)
bulletExceptionally smooth finish.
bulletStays sharp longer.  Means fewer saw changes per day and straighter lumber.


Cobalt Alloy Tipped Thin Kerf Band Saws - Washington 2"

Cobalt Alloy Tipped Thin Kerf Band Saws - Oregon 1.5" & 2"

Wood-Mizer Band Saw Coil Stock


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